• LDPE and HMHDPE Blown Film Plant
    We have 4 extruders varying from the size capacity of 3 inch width to 75 inch width (76.2 mm to 1900mm). We use 100% food grain granules only for manufacturing purpose. Manufacture Certificate will be provided with each supply on request.

    Polypropylene (PP) Water Quenched (TQ) Blown Film Plant
    We have German make machine technology with the best quality of output possible in PP grade throughout South India. The machine capacity is 750 mm width and up to 125 Micron of thickness. The production comes out with high treatment galvanized crystal films. The Rotating Die head makes the surface with 0% gauge variation throughout the rolls and brings the best quality of PP Films available in the market. It is the first ever successfully running rotating die head machine in South India.

    Flexo Printing Machine
    We have six colour flexo printing machines. We can print up to 100 dpi with +/- 0.02 mm resistance. We can print film width up to 30 inches and printing repeat length up to 50 inches. We can print on LD, HM, PP, BOPP, PVC, HDPE and Paper in roll forms. Print Capacity is up to 800 Kgs per shift depending upon the job. We use the best quality of ink and virgin natural butanol. We can also print with specialized inks for specific jobs as per requirement.

    Bag Making Machines
    We have 10 automatic cutting and sealing machines. Our current capacity ranges from 3 inches to 42 inches width. Customers can choose a variety of bottom sealing to side sealing depending upon their requirements.

    Additional Machines

      • Manual Hanger Sealing
      • Box Type Cover Sealing
      • Sealing Machine
      • Jacket and Trousers Bag Making Machine
      • Perforated Sealing Machine
      • Rolls Slitting Machine
      • Corona Treatment Unit
      • Water Chillers and Air Compressions

Quality Policy

Lotus is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company. We follow good manufacturing practices that assure consistent high quality results. We have instituted state-of-the-art facilities to monitor and maintain strict quality of our products, processes, and services.